Bar Association Ratings:                                                        

 Ms. Golden is considered to have good legal ability. She has substantial experience in complex litigation skills. She is praised for her professional demeanor and is reported to be especially hard working and diligent. The Council finds her Qualified for the Circuit Court.                                                                                                           

"Highly Qualified” - Chicago Bar Association 

"Qualified" - Chicago Council of Lawyers 

"Qualified"-  Asian American Bar Association 
“Qualified” - Illinois State Bar Association
"Qualified" - Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois 
"Recommended” - Women’s Bar Association
"Recommended" - Puerto Rican Bar Association
"Recommended" - Cook County Bar Association
"Recommended" - Hellenic Bar Association
"Recommended"-  The Decalogue Society of Lawyers
"Recommended" - Black Women Lawyers' Association of Greater Chicago






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